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Will Young Drivers Help The Trucker Shortage?

A highway bill recently passed by Congress had provisions that would allow drivers under the age of 21 to drive trucks across state lines. Some oppose the movement worrying that lowering the younger age limit could result in trucking companies lowering safety standards, but supporters see it as one possible solution to the looming driver shortage.

The trucking workforce is rapidly approaching retirement, and the average truck driver is nearly 50— making recruiting replacements essential. That could be made difficult if trucking companies aren’t able to recruit recent high school graduates. Lowering the age may give employers the chance to recruit and train young drivers before they’ve settled into a different career path.

According to Truck insurance specialist Tim Peddycoart at Truck Insurance MN young Drivers increase rates and make it difficult to hire younger drivers.

Critics, however, are quick to point out safety concerns, citing that drivers under the age of 21 have a markedly higher rate of motor vehicle accidents. While those statistics wouldn’t necessarily apply to truck drivers, there is worry about the danger of recruiting an accident prone higher truck insurance demographic to drive larger, heavier vehicles.


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