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Do you need rental truck insurance?

If you live long enough you’ll likely move around 12 times during your lifetime.   Do you need truck insurance if you rent a truck? Most people don’t move far. In fact, around 70% of people don’t leave their county. U-haul, the moving truck rental company, roughly estimates that three-quarters of all moves are done […]

Will Young Drivers Help The Trucker Shortage?

A highway bill recently passed by Congress had provisions that would allow drivers under the age of 21 to drive trucks across state lines. Some oppose the movement worrying that lowering the younger age limit could result in trucking companies lowering safety standards, but supporters see it as one possible solution to the looming driver […]

Did You Know? Truck Insurance MN Insights and News

Risk management tips brought to you by: The Truck Insurance Specialists Team   DID YOU KNOW? Cyber attacks are a growing concern in all commercial sectors, but the trucking industry faces a particularly costly cyber threat: telematics jamming. Telematics jamming is a fairly straightforward threat—criminals hijack a truck, then disrupt or “jam” the communications between […]

Ideas for Return to Work to help Recovering Workers and Work Comp

Ideas for Return to Work Duties Transportation, Trucking and Warehousing Use this chart to find possible transitional job duties for recovering workers. The ideas presented here should be adapted to your own situation to help the returning employee be as productive as possible. Always evaluate the unique conditions of an employee’s injury when assigning transitional duties. […]

2014 Brake Safety Week Inspection Results Released

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) recently released the results from its Brake Safety Week campaign, held Sept. 7 to Sept. 13, 2014. During the week-long campaign, CVSA-certified commercial motor vehicle inspectors conducted 13,305 brake system inspections on trucks and buses throughout North America. The inspections were conducted roadside and aimed to identify out-of-adjustment brakes […]

Top 5 Tips: Save Money on Owner / Operator Trucking Insurance is back again to talk to you about: Proven Strategies to Save Money on Owner / Operator Insurance.

Truck Insurance Savings for Owner Operator’s and Fleet Owners

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Tow Truck Insurance MN There are different types of tow truck insurance available and these typically cover different types…

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